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Our Story

The founder of Dzine Products, Nick Lullo, originally started off in the manufacturing sector.  Drawing on years of experience in product development, distribution management, sales & marketing management, and direct-to-consumer ecommerce management, he successfully built his own brands and obtained market share in his chosen industries.

As those industries’ consumer buying practices began to transition from the more traditional sales models (brick & mortar and person to person sales) to increased web commerce platforms such as Amazon, our team recognized the importance of educating themselves on the ‘best practices’ needed to be successful in this new arena – the online marketplace.

Over time we developed a comprehensive process for migrating our brands’ sales focus to this online marketplace and saw exponential growth in sales volumes due to maximizing revenues on the Amazon platform.  Upon doing so, we realized this intricate and ‘best practices’ based process for Amazon Sales Management was a valuable service that could be offered to other brands seeking to increase their own sales volumes and market shares.

Today, our team at Dzine Products Marketing specializes in Online Sales Management & Amazon Sales Management for brands in various industries.  Our team of specialists will revolutionize the way your brand is represented and sold on Amazon.  Ultimately, we will help you increase overall sales volumes while protecting margins and your brand’s reputation.